Lisa Groenink



Lisa Groenink’s (b. 1993) work is an exploration of contrasts, focusing on the contrast between the repelling, the inviting and their interchangeability. Subjects such as tentacles, slime, fungi, mold and other organic matters are a point of interest within their work. Through the use of ceramics, photography and textile they create new worlds for these matters — for them to clash or melt together within some form of installation.

Lisa focuses on certain vulnerabilities, using sensitive themes such as fear, lust, fragility and disgust to form, question and explore these worlds of contrasts. Their curiosity comes from a search for the intangible, trying to embrace the uncertain, the unknown, the repelling —trying to find a sense of comfort in them, to see the enticement and attraction in themes that are often strayed away from out of fear or disgust.